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transaction management

So you have a buyer and escrow has been opened.  You have an accepted offer, but your home is not really sold.  Only when escrow closes is it really sold.   A big part of my job, where you need me the most, is to manage the process of real estate.  30% of all real estate escrows fall out and you have to start all over again finding a new buyer.  Over the past 10 years, my average is under 10%.
So once you have an agreement from a buyer to purchase your home, if you list your home with me, you have a 90% chance of escrow closing successfully.  

My transaction management skills are second to none.  From making sure the home inspection is done soon after acceptance, to making sure the buyer is moving ahead with their loan application process, to insuring the appraisal is completed on time, to finding out when the loan documents are ready to sign. When it comes to your transaction, I will work to make sure the escrow closes and your home actually sells. 

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