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negotiation skills

Every real estate sale involves negotiation.  A good negotiator will not only protect your interests as a home seller, but sometimes can save you thousands of dollars.

I have negotiated hundreds of real estate contracts.  In fact, I taught other Realtors® how to write contracts for nearly 10 years.  From the time another agent calls to say they have an offer, I begin negotiating for you.  Then when we receive an offer in writing, I carefully study the contract and work for you to negotiate the best price, terms, and conditions.  I work to make every offer accepted by both buyer and seller.  I believe that a win-win agreement is one that stays together so the escrow can close successfully.   But it starts with the first phone call from a buyer's agent. My job is to probe into:  1) What is the buyers motivation?  2) Do they love the house?  3) Are they financial able to buy?  In short, I negotiate for you the seller.  When you hire a Realtor® , do you want a mouse or a tiger working for you?  I will not only find a qualified buyer for your home, I will be your advocate each and every step of the way.

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